Maintenance Program

Our roofing maintenance programs typically last one year and is an essential service for any structure built with a flat roof. 

Commercial Roofing Program

We have solved the roofing problems of some well-known roofs, we can solve yours.  From repairs and maintenance programs to the upgrading of your existing roof, with our polyester membrane system, without the cost of tear off.  Adding only 11 oz. per square yard to your roof surface.

Maintenance programs can cost as low as 10 cents per square foot with a year warranty on our repairs.  We personally have worked over 45 years developing polyester systems for the roofing industries.  Applying hundreds of thousands of square feet of polyester systems to commercial roofs. 


RV Roofing Program

Today, Polyester fabrics are on the verge of another revolution.  This time, the RV roofing systems will never be quite the same.  Polyester’s role in low-sloped roofing is expanding rapidly.  RV professionals are discovering polyester’s many unique advantages: superior elongation and recovery, outstanding puncture resistance, excellent flexibility, high tear strength, and lightweight, just 11 oz. per square yard.

We give a five-year warranty with our polyester system, and with our maintenance program, it can be extended to twenty years.



Here is a list of the most common questions asked by our customers.  Have a question that doesn't fall in this FAQ sheet?  Ask us today!

What is Polyester Roofing?

Check out the polyester-plus section in our page our roof repairs page to learn more.  It will answer all of your questions about that system.

Why is Polyester Roofing different than conventional roofing?

No need for tear off, saving you money, extremely lightweight.  This system will give you a 20-year warranty (Maintenance Program).  

What to expect when I request a free estimate?

On the first visit, we show up and inspect the issues present along with any potential issues.  If any repair is made on the roof then you are automatically granted with a 5-year workmanship warranty. 

Why do you use a white color over the polyester?

Two things, the first thing is we use a white adhesive fills the gaps in the polyester membrane to properly seal and coat for maximum protection.   The second and main reason we use white is due to the fact that it has a 98% reflectivity rate to sunlight compared to any dark color.

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